Common Questions

Feel free to ask us anything you like about our Snow Effects but to help we have put together some common questions that will help:

  1. What safety considerations do I need to be aware of when hiring a snow machine for an event? Usually its about making sure that people dont fall over in the snow but we can provide further Health & Safety information that is venue specific.

  2. What types of snow do you offer? Lots of different types for different effects and events.

  3. Can the snow machines be used indoors as well as outdoors? Yes but give as much detail when you get in touch of your event.
  4. Is the COSHH information available? Yes please get in touch and we can provide it.

  5. What level of insurance do you carry? We carry £5 million pounds worth of public liability insurance.

  6. Do you provide risk assessments? Yes we have a comprehensive form for this which we can provide when bookings are made.

  7. How many electric sockets are needed? Really depends on which machines are being hired but a 13 amps socket nearby is usually all we need.

  8. Is all the equipment provided by Snow Effects regularly inspected and PAT tested? All our equipment is visually inspected before use and is PAT tested periodically with the correct labels to show when they were last tested.

  9. Will the foam stain? Usually not as the fluid is mainly water based and non irriatant.